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EV Fossil Fuel Displacement Monthly Assessment

Track the growth of EV market share in the energy mix and the rate at which diesel and gasoline is being displaced by electrification

What is EV Fossil Fuel Displacement Monthly Assessment?

The assessment calculates the displacement of diesel and gasoline demand by electric vehicles for the following sectors:

  • Passenger Car & Light Duty vehicles

  • Buses and Coaches

  • Medium duty commercial vehicles

  • Heavy duty commercial vehicles

Why subscribe to the EV Fossil Fuel Displacement Monthly Assessment?

  • The report is an essential tool for tracking the development of the EV industry and its impact on fossil fuel demand


  • These trends have implications through out the automotive industry, for OEMs, Oil Majors, refiners and fuel retailers, as well as companies working on the development of the charging infrastructure for EVs 

How is the report delivered?

The assessment comes as a Monthly PDF report with metrics for the following:

  • Current month diesel and gasoline displacement by vehicle class 

  • Monthly diesel and gasoline displacement history by vehicle class 

  • Commentary on the factors driving fossil fuel displacement 

  • Analyst access

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP2,000.

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Assessment methodology

Rho Motion’s EV Fossil Fuel Displacement Monthly Assessment uses cumulative EV sales by class to calculate EV fleet by weighted average power. 

For each vehicle class we calculate the typical mileage per month per vehicle, and equivalent fossil fuel requirement needed to meet this usage.

We make an assessment of the relative share of diesel and gasoline vehicles in the fleet for each vehicle class, and how these are being displaced by EV sales on an ongoing basis.

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