Electric Vehicle Power Tracker – August 2021

Oct 2021

Our latest Electric Vehicle Power Tracker below, draws on data from The EV Motors Monthly Assessment.

The assessment provides monthly weighted averages of motor technology demand across vehicle classes, detailing the power and quantity deployed regionally and by vehicle segment. Click here to request a sample of this report.

Highlights from this month’s assessment include:

  • General Motors reveal details of the new Ultium Drive family of electric motors. The motors paired with GM’s Ultium battery will debut in the HUMMER EV.
  • Vitesco Technologies will begin manufacturing an 800V rated electric motor.
  • LG Innotek and SGI has announced its new ‘eco-magnet’ which reportedly uses 60% less heavy rare-earth material than previous designs.
  • This month’s technology spotlight investigates the use of in-wheel motors.



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