On 16th August 2023, BYD hosted a launch event introducing its new brand, Fangchengbao, along with its new car models. During the event, BYD unveiled the DMO (Dual Mode Off-Road) platform, crafted explicitly for off-roader NEVs. Additionally, three new models were showcased: the Bao3, Bao5, and Bao8. The Bao5, as the inaugural mass-produced model under the Fangchengbao brand, is planned for Q4 2023 delivery.

Overview of the Fangchengbao Brand

Launched on 9th June, Fangchengbao is BYD’s newly introduced NEV brand. Within the BYD brand hierarchy, Fangchengbao sits above Dynasty and Ocean, beneath Yangwang, and aligns with Tengshi. This brand is set to offer a versatile lineup of NEVs, spanning rugged SUVs to sleek sports cars. The Bao5 is a PHEV rugged SUV incorporating the DMO platform. It has a power output exceeding 500kW and has a high reported range of up to 1,200km. The vehicle is set to debut…

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Image credit: BYD