The EU Commission is set to go ahead with its plans to impose tariffs on EVs shipped between the UK and EU from next year despite requests to push back the tariff to 2027 from the UK Government.

Earlier this month the UK government backed by a number of European OEMS sought a deferral of the rules of origin requirements set out under the UK’s post-Brexit Trade Cooperation Agreement with the EU. Under the rules from 2024, EVs shipped between the UK and EU will face a 10% tariff unless at least 45% of parts, and 60% of battery pack are sourced from within the region. This is set to increase further to 55% for vehicle parts and 65% for batteries in 2027.

In May, Stellantis, who has committed to building EVs in the UK, announced this is now under threat unless rules change, directly calling for…

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Image credit: Adobe Stock