On the September 22nd, the Hai Long Offshore Wind Power Project (Hai Long Project) announced the official signing of the final investment decision. This pivotal step enables the activation of contracts, paving the way for the commencement of construction activities. Financing totalled JPY960 billion (USD3.63 billion).

The Hai Long Project has an expected capacity of 1,022MW, which will make it the largest offshore wind farm in the Asia-Pacific region. The anticipated start date for electricity generation is by the end of 2025.

An Important Milestone

Securing of this financing marks an important milestone, allowing permits to be procured and construction to begin. The project will consist of 73, 14MW turbines located 45-75 km off Changhua County, Taiwan. These 73 turbines are split up into three sections, HL2A, HL2B, HL3. HL2A will have a capacity of 294MW, selling its electricity to

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Image credit: Adobe Stock