On the 6th of October, Umicore announced the naming of its joint venture (JV) with Volkswagen’s battery maker PowerCo. The JV, IONWAY, will engage in large-scale production of sustainable battery materials for electric vehicles (EVs): precursors (pCAM) and cathode active materials (CAM) in Europe. Soon after, IONWAY announced its first production plant in Nysa, Poland.

A New CAM Production Plant

The Nysa plant will produce CAM, essential highly valuable assets within batteries. Once operational, the plant will supply PowerCo’s Salzgitter gigafactory with key materials. Beginning in 2025, the JV hopes that by 2026 it will supply an annual capacity of 40 GWh.

Nysa offers a strategic location for IONWAY. The location can facilitate the plant running entirely off renewable energy. This compliments its sustainable production strategy. Additionally, the site is nearby to Umicore’s existing CAM facility. Once online, it will allow IONWAY convenient access to raw materials from Umicore’s refining activities in Finland.

Furthermore, the Polish Government has supported this move, offering…

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock