Redwood Materials (Redwood), a US battery recycler, has announced a partnership to recycle production scrap from Ultium Cells, the joint venture between General Motors (GM) and LG Energy Solution (LGES). According to the announcement, cathode, anode, and cell scrap from Ultium Cells’ facilities in Warren, Ohio, and Spring Hill, Tennessee, will be processed by Redwood. The recycled battery-grade materials are expected to be used domestically.

The partnership aims to build a domestic recycling supply chain

in the US, currently production scrap dominates the market share compared to other feedstock sources, such as End-of-Life (EOL) batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) or battery energy storage systems (BESS). Ultium Cells is expected to supply Redwood with production scrap from its two facilities, which have a combined annual capacity of over 75GWh of battery cells. Additionally, Ultium Cells is constructing its third factory in Lansing, Michigan, aiming to reach a capacity of 25GWh by 2025. Since 2022, Ultium Cells has also partnered with Li-Cycle for battery recycling.

Redwood Materials operates two battery recycling facilities in Nevada, one at the Battery Materials Campus 1 in Storey County and another in Carson. Redwood has developed comprehensive recycling capabilities that include pre- and post-treatment processes. Using its hydrometallurgical technology, it produces battery-grade materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt sulfate, and further pCAM and CAM. In addition to Ultium Cells, Redwood has partnered with several OEMs and battery manufacturers, including Panasonic, Volkswagen (US), and Toyota Motor North America.

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As the recycling capacity in the US market continues to increase, securing feedstock has become crucial for the ongoing operations of recycling companies. This year, companies including…

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Sources: Redwood MaterialsUltium Cells