German battery manufacturer Varta has inked a significant supply agreement with SK Nexilis, a subsidiary of the SK Group, to secure crucial copper foils for EV battery production. The collaboration mirrors SK Nexilis’ pioneering endeavor with Toyota Tsusho Corp for a similar initiative in North America last week, as the industry braces for a surge in demand for high-performance batteries. SK Nexilis will spearhead copper foil manufacturing, while Toyota Tsusho Corp. will focus on securing battery manufacturers in the region. This strategic alliance further includes agreements to strengthen the supply of raw materials for copper foil production.

SK Nexilis, renowned for its groundbreaking copper foil manufacturing capabilities, boasts the capability to manufacture the world’s thinnest copper foils, a significant achievement in an industry where efficiency and performance are paramount. It is building a state-of-the-art factory in Poland, scheduled to commence operations in 2024. This facility is set to play a pivotal role in the supply of essential copper foils for EV batteries, reinforcing the industry’s ongoing pursuit of efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions.

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Image credit: Adobe Stock