Battery Energy Stationary Storage Monthly Database

Our core Battery Energy Stationary Storage database, tracking status updates, capacity, duration and technology trends.

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What is the Battery Energy Stationary Storage Monthly Database?

Rho Motion collects information from our ESS database on existing and forthcoming ESS projects in order to inform our analysis for our various assessments. We track over 15 metrics per project, including:

  • Project battery size
  • Battery type & chemistry
  • Battery manufacturer
  • Paired resource

Why subscribe to the Battery Energy Stationary Storage Monthly Database?

The database provides a project-by-project status update of grid scale stationary storage projects. We provide data across the ESS supply chain, including location, commission date, capacity, power, duration, battery type & chemistry where available, technology provider, paired resource and key players involved in projects.

This database is essential to enable in-depth analysis of the ESS market. Our dynamic tool allows users to track and aggregate the demand of ESS demand by country and OEM, as well as battery demand by cell manufacturer and chemistry.

How is the report delivered?

The BESS Monthly Database is delivered as an Excel workbook with raw data and pivot tables and charts that can be customised for the user.

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP10,000

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Assessment methodology

Rho Motion’s Battery Energy Stationary Storage Database is updated on an ongoing basis through both primary and desk research, covering the latest insights into ESS and battery technology,  tracking grid projects across all the globe.

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