eMicromobility and 2&3 Wheeler Outlook

This outlook provides long term regional forecasts of electric unit sales, battery demand, battery pack size and cathode chemistry market shares for 2 & 3-Wheeler as well as eMicromobility segments: eBikes, eScooters, Golf Cart & ATVs and Mobility Vehicles.

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What is the eMicromobility and 2&3 Wheeler Outlook?

Our forecast provides long-term outlooks for the following:


  • Annual Electric Vehicle sales by major market and vehicle class to 2040
  • Weighted average battery pack size by region and class to 2040
  • Battery chemistry market share by region to 2040 for cathode
  • Battery swapping demand by region to 2040
  • Total kWh and GWh demand per region

Why subscribe to the eMicromobility and 2&3 Wheeler Outlook?

2 & 3 Wheelers are the primary mode of transport for much of the world, most notably in South-East Asia, India and much of Africa. The electrification of these vehicle classes is seen as equally critical to that of electric vehicles in many areas and the transition is well underway in some places.

In the eMicromobility space a mixture of mature technologies that have already seen electrification for a number of decades and new disruptive technologies such as eScooters are brought together to make up the full picture of battery demand across the world.

The focus analysis provides details on each of these vehicle classes, highlights important large markets and sheds light on aspects which will go on to be crucial factors in the development of these markets. This includes the necessary electrification to fight urban pollution, the transition from Lead Acid batteries and the rise of battery swapping models which have the ability to change how personal mobility is utilised.

How is the report delivered?

The assessment comes as an Annual PDF report with supporting Excel workbook.

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP10,000.

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Assessment methodology

Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the interactions between different functions in the supply chain. We track the following variables that impact the forecast:

  • Legislation and incentives
  • OEM strategy
  • Battery manufacturers’ capital investment and battery chemistry strategy
  • Battery raw material pricing and costs
  • Charging infrastructure investment
  • Electric Vehicle cost of ownership and consumer behaviour

For each vehicle model we collect data relating to battery pack size, battery chemistry, cell format, number of cells, and pack supplier in addition to a number of other vehicle metrics.

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