North American EV Charging Outlook

Our North American outlook provides an analysis of the current and planned technologies at both the vehicle and charger level, and profiles the major players in the market and their relative competitive position and plans for the future.

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What does the North American Charging Outlook cover?

Our outlook provides long-term forecasts for the following:

• BEV and PHEV Sales Forecast, 2018 – 2030
• BEV and PHEV Fleet Forecast, 2018 – 2030
• EV charging units in operation by technology forecast, 2018 – 2030
• EV charging technology capex outlook
• EV charging market value by technology, forecast 2018 – 2030

Why subscribe to the North American EV Charging Outlook?

• The report is an essential tool for tracking the development of EV charging technologies and infrastructure roll-out in the region.

• The availability of adequate EV charging infrastructure is a key component of the development of the EV market overall, given the level of investment along the EV & Battery supply chain, a thorough understanding of the charging market is vital for any company with an interest in the market.

How is the report delivered?

The assessment comes as a Quarterly PDF report with metrics for the following:

• ~50 page annual PDF with core analysis, profiles and  forecast results, and quarterly updates covering key updates on the industry and forecast assumptions

• Excel workbook detailing forecast results and input data

• Analyst access

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP5,000.

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Assessment methodology

Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the requirement of chargers per vehicle by state in North America. We track the following variables that impact the forecast:

• Our BEV and PHEV fleet forecasts by state
• EV Charging unit requirement
• EV Charging market technology development
• EV Charging market technology cost development
• Driving behaviour and EV ownership demographics by state
• Private and public investment by state
• Legislation and national targets by state

For each vehicle model we collect data relating to maximum AC and DC charging capability, plug type(s), battery pack size and battery chemistry in addition to a number of other vehicle metrics.

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