Rho Motion’s key issues to watch in 2022

Jan 2022

EV & Battery

2021 was another record year for EV sales as was almost unanimously expected, we take a look at a few of the key events and trends we expect to see in 2022 from the EV and Battery Market.

In 2021, China reclaimed the top position as the largest market for EV sales, following a relatively equal market share for Europe and China in 2020. Looking to 2022, the Chinese dominance will continue both domestically and start to reach out internationally as OEMs continue expansion plans overseas. NIO, Xpeng, and others have already made inroads in Europe with at least 10 models available. The US will be harder with trade relations strained however, NIO has recently posted job advertisements in the US…

Battery Energy Stationary Storage

The Battery Energy Stationary Storage (BESS) market witnessed significant growth in 2021, a trend that is set to continue to accelerate over the next decade. Last year, we saw several major policy announcements, both enabling growth in the storage market and looking to remove some of the barriers currently restricting it. In China, a national target of 30GW was announced, in the US, nine states now have direct energy storage legislation and in Europe a proposal to remove the 2003 European Energy Tax Directive that results in double taxation for storage was announced.

Looking to 2022, the storage market is set to once again more than double, a result of both the number of projects deployed and the average size of these projects. Last year over 20GWh of new BESS capacity was added…


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