The Charging Speed Tracker – June 2021

Aug 2021

See below for our EV Charging Speed Tracker, June 2021. As you will see, this features developments from across the EV & Charging market, and draws on data from our EV Charging Monthly Assessment.

The EV Charging Assessment provides a breakdown of global and regional charging capacity, as well as the charging speeds and energy requirements of new vehicles sold and the EV fleet. Click here to request a demo.


  • Tesla plans to open its network of superchargers to non-Tesla EV owners, starting with Norway.
  • TotalEnergies announced plans to acquire Singapore’s largest EV charging network ‘Blue Charge’ from Bolloré Group.
  • Nio set a 2025 target of 4,000 stations worldwide, including around 1,000 outside of China. Also, this month, Nio shipped its first chargers and swap stations to Norway.



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