The EV Battery Demand Index – December 2020

Feb 2021


The latest EV Battery Demand Index is now available to view, see below. The data in the index is drawn from The EV Battery Chemistry Monthly Assessment. This report provides monthly sales weighted average of battery pack sizes and battery demand by chemistry market share for the EV industry across battery electric vehicle classes. 

Rho Motion provides global EV outlook reports and insight into low emission vehicles and electric cars, using EV models. To find out more and subscribe, request a demo.

Report Highlights:

  • NIO & BYD both announce solid state battery developments
  • SVolt’s cobalt-free battery cell is now available for order
  • December EV sales exceeded 200,000 in both China and Europe, concluding a strong year with 2020 sales 50% higher than in 2019

The EV Battery Chemistry Monthly Assessment

Assessment methodology

Rho Motion’s EV Battery Chemistry Assessment is a weighted average of vehicle battery chemistry across passenger car and light duty vehicle, bus and coach, and medium and heavy duty vehicle sectors.

Electric vehicle sales data is collected on a model-by-model basis from automotive associations at country level for both BEV and PHEV vehicles for major markets. This analysis covers a minimum of 90% of total global market sales, and provides a balanced representation of markets with different vehicle characteristics, suppliers and seasonality.

Where EV specific model data is not explicitly stated estimates are used based on industry and company reports and primary research. These are then corroborated or adjusted when official data becomes available.

For each vehicle model we collect data relating to battery pack size, battery chemistry, cell format, number of cells, and pack supplier in addition to a number of other vehicle metrics.


EV battery demand index december 2020