The most comprehensive and well informed analysis for the Electric Vehicle industry, linking battery pack to Electric Vehicle platform

Long-term forecasts and analysis of Electric Vehicle battery pack size, chemistry and costs 

Our core focus is on the development of Electric Vehicle battery pack sizes, energy density, chemistry and costs, as well as the rate of rate of growth of the EV market by vehicle class. Our analysis examines interactions between different functions across the supply chain, and builds on expertise from mine to market

EV and Battery Quarterly Outlook

Our forecast provides long-term outlooks for EV penetration, battery pack size and chemistry by vehicle class, based on robust and informed methodologies 

EV Battery Chemistry Monthly Assessment

The assessment provides a monthly sales weighted average of battery chemistry market share for the EV industry across vehicle classes

EV Energy Density Monthly Assessment

The essential tool for tracking EV battery pack size growth, providing sales weighted average kWh by vehicle class and for the industry as a whole

EV Fossil Fuel Displacement Monthly Assessment

Track the growth of EV market share in the energy mix and the rate at which diesel and gasoline is being displaced by electrification

EV Battery Pack Cost Quarterly Assessment

Track costs from cell to module to pack assembly. A comprehensive analysis examining costs along the battery pack supply chain

EV Database

Our core EV database, tracking vehicle and battery development on a by-model basis, with over 20 data points per vehicle 

What does the post-subsidy China EV market look like?

Great Expectations: What does the post-subsidy China EV market look like? Dec 9, 2019 China has dominated the electric vehicle market for the majority of the period that there has been a market to speak of, the rate of market development there outstrips any other...

The Electric Vehicle market in 2019 and beyond

The Electric Vehicle market in 2019 and beyond Aug 12, 2019 This month we wrote an article for the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Magazine, outlining our thoughts on the EV market so far in 2019, and the opportunities and risks that lay ahead. The original article is...

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