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Our core focus is on the development of Electric Vehicle battery pack sizes, energy density, chemistry and costs, as well as the rate of growth of the EV market by vehicle class.

Our analysis examines interactions between different functions across the supply chain, and builds on expertise from mine to market

The EV Battery Demand Index

EV Battery Demand Index Aug 4, 2020 The latest EV Battery Demand Index is now available to view, see below. The data in the index is drawn from The EV Chemistry Monthly Assessment. This report provides monthly sales weighted average of battery pack sizes and battery...

European EV Charging: The three key issues facing the market

European EV Charging: The three key issues facing the market Mar 30, 2020 The roll out of an adequate EV charging infrastructure will play a crucial role in aiding EV adoption, and is a very significant undertaking of itself. Our recently launched European EV Charging...

EV & Battery Quarterly Outlook – Q1 2020 Highlights Presentation

EV & Battery Quarterly Outlook - Q1 2020 Highlights Feb 25, 2020 This month we released our EV & Battery Quarterly Outlook for Q1 2020. To accompany the report we have recorded a presentation with key highlights from the outlook. The presentation covers the...

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