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Rho Motion is an industry leader, delivering forecasts and analysis on the EV & battery, EV charging and energy stationary storage markets. Our analysis is delivered in flexible, dynamic formats that can be customised for the user. Click on the products below for more details.

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Rho Motion provides actionable intelligence for the energy transition

Rho Motion offers the most comprehensive and well-informed forecasts and analysis for the energy transition. Our core assessments, databases and outlooks provide actionable intelligence on the development of electric vehicle, battery, charging and infrastructure markets. 

CATL launches Qilin Battery

CATL has launched its Qilin Battery, the Cell-to-Pack (CTP) 3.0 technology that can reportedly achieve a volume utilisation rate of 72% and an energy density of up to 255Wh/kg at pack level. According to CATL, the Qilin battery with NCM cells will easily deliver a...

SK On signs partnership agreement with POSCO Holdings

SK On and Posco Holdings have entered a strategic partnership which is intended to mitigate global supply chain disruptions and strengthen expanding business operations. Both companies plan to collaborate closely on a range of issues. Joint working groups will focus...

Honda and Sony confirm Joint Venture to produce electric vehicles

Honda and Sony have now confirmed they are entering into a Joint Venture (JV) to produce electric vehicles. The pair plan to utilise Honda’s long-standing expertise in the vehicle development and manufacturing arena, alongside its mobility safety and after-sales...

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