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Unparalleled experience, unique insight and unmatched data

We provide commercial and vendor due diligence across the energy transition. From gigafactories to recycling, our dynamic and informed team can support the process.

Independent, tailored advice for financial organisations involved in the energy transition

Our team has experience working on both the buy and sell side with unique and specialised commercial due diligence. Our comprehensive appraisals unlock the potential and identify paths to success.

Market studies

We provide an overview of the sub-genres across the battery value chain, including regional and country level granularity of supply chains, and competitor landscape.

Market research & customer validation

From major OEMs and public bodies, to technology developers, we source deep and relevant insights through interviews that capture the voice of your customers and identify critical demands for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Due diligence

We provide due diligence for both the buy and sell side through comprehensive, expert advice that gives you the best chance of deal success.

Our Consultancy Team

How we support our clients' investment strategies

Our Process

How do we conduct our consultancy and advisory work?

Competitor framework

We assess the external and internal environment as a foundation for our competitor framework.

Determine suitable companies

We use qualitative and semi-quantitative decision criteria to determine suitable companies for review.

Key trend analysis

We provide in-depth analysis on the key trends that drive decisions and investments across the LiB value chain.

Segmenting the data

Our data is segmented in order to identify key trends, so we can size up various opportunities and challenges.

Map out competitive landscape

We provide detailed insights into the lithium-ion battery value chain in order to map out the competitive landscape.

Explore competitive rivalry

We explore the degree of competitive rivalry and the relationship between buyers and suppliers.

Sizing up opportunities

We examine the type of investments that are taking place across the value chain, sizing up opportunities.

Assess growth opportunities

We assess relative growth opportunities and level of attractiveness as a basis for market entry strategies.

Target companies researched

We conduct in-depth analysis of target companies through primary and secondary research.

Company analysis

For our company analysis we consider current status, emerging developments and under-the-radar findings.

Examples Of Our Work

Our consultancy experience spans finance raising, market entry and strategic advisory

Case Study 1

Next-generation battery technologies

We provided bottom-up cost models for the next-generation anode, cathode and electrolyte innovations for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries as a basis for future strategy and investment decisions on behalf of a major public body.

Case Study 2

Modelled charging utilisation for the UK and European markets

We conducted an industry level analysis to produce utilisation models on behalf of a charging network provider to assist them with their strategy blueprint for destination charging.

Case Study 3

Multi billion dollar debt issue for a major battery capacity project

Our EV battery demand data and analysis was used to inform the financial model for a debt issue for a major European battery project.

Case Study 4

EV Charging market entry study for a large industrial concern in North America

We provided a competitive landscape and potential customer analysis for the EV charging market across multiple regions. This was used by the client to inform its market entry and mergers and acquisition strategy.

Case Study 5

Competitive landscape and market entry strategy for an EV battery technology company

Based on a technical analysis of the client’s battery technology, we provided a competitive landscape analysis and advised on the best route for funding and market entry, including licensing versus manufacturing business models.

Case Study 6

Research paper to support Fuel Cell technology company SPAC

Working with the commercial and technical teams of a growing fuel cell technology company, we provided market analysis for the potential market size, technological viability and competitive landscape to support its fundraising. We also provided follow up sessions with potential investors.

Consultancy Team

Independent, tailored advice for your business

Our consultancy team brings a breadth of industry experience across the EV value chain and wider energy mix; from raw materials extraction through anode, cathode and battery cell technologies, charging, BESS and battery recycling.

To speak to our team about your consultancy project, call us on +44 (0) 203 988 7648, or email info@rhomotion.com

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