CATL Investor Relations Disclosure: 15th February 2022

Feb 2022

Yesterday (15/02/22) CATL disclosed its recent IR activity that answered several questions of great interest to investors. Eleven institutional investors participated in the discussion with the topics focused on CATL’s status update and plans.

The price of battery raw materials has gone through the roof lately. CATL confirmed that it has taken several measures, including long-term off-take contracts, direct investment, and recycling, to secure its supply of lithium. Other than overseas lithium projects, CATL has also invested in a lithium project in Yichun, Sichuan. In terms of recycling, CATL has the capacity to recycle both NCM and LFP batteries. CATL claimed that 99.3% key metal elements can be recycled for NCM materials. Due to the recent price spike…


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Image credit: Adobe Stock