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Rho Motion China Briefing

Published on a regular basis, our new China Briefing brings you the latest news and developments in China’s EV, battery, BESS and charging markets.

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What to expect from the EV market in the post-pandemic era

As the world shut down to combat the coronavirus in the first and second quarters of 2020 so did the EV market, with sales dropping drastically, first in China, and then in the rest of the world. What followed, however, was a very strong recovery in EV sales as...

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EV Penetration Rates, %, YTD March 2021

The chart below highlights the rapid growth in EV penetration rates from 2019 - YTD March 2021. Penetration rates remain high into 2021, with Scandinavia still leading the way due to growth in Norway soaring, and a very noticeable increase in Finland across both...

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The Charging Speed Index – March 2021

See below for our EV Charging Speed Index, March 2021. As you will see, this features developments from across the EV & Charging market, and draws on data from our EV Charging Monthly Assessment. The EV Charging Assessment provides a breakdown of global and...

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Global Monthly EV Sales and Battery Demand

The chart below shows global monthly EV sales and battery demand from March 2020 - March 2021. This data is taken from our EV Battery Chemistry Monthly Assessment, highlights from the latest issue include: • Ultium Cells LLC, General Motor’s and LG Energy Solution’s...

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Rho Motion SPAC & IPO Tracker

Below is Rho Motion's Special Purchase Acquisition Companies (SPAC) & IPO Tracker, for April 2021. We track electric vehicle related companies going public through a merger with a SPAC, in order to provide a monthly update on market status. To learn more, get in...

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EV Penetration Rates, %, 2020 vs YTD 2021

The chart below highlights the rapid increase in EV penetration rates YTD-2021 vs 2020 for Germany and Scandinavia. EV penetration rates also gained momentum in China and the USA. Our EV & Battery Quarterly Outlook contains more related insights and analysis, if...

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The Charging Speed Index – February 2021

Our latest EV Charging Speed Index is available below. This index draws on work from our EV Charging Monthly Assessment. This report provides a breakdown of global and regional charging capacity, as well as the charging speeds and energy requirements of new vehicles...

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