On the 4th of October Aqua Metals and 6K Energy announced they had signed a multi-part memorandum of understanding (MoU). The pair plan to create a circular supply chain in the US for critical minerals needed in domestic lithium battery manufacturing. They intend to build a co-located facility at 6K Energy’s PlusCAM™ site in Jackson, Tennessee.

A Co-located Facility

Under the MoU, they will use 6K Energy’s PlusCAM™ site in Jackson, Tennessee that is currently under construction to create the co-located facility. It will contain a full-scale lithium battery recycling facility run by Aqua Metals. This will then supply 6K Energy’s PlusCAM™ cathode manufacturing plant.

The plant will use Aqua Metals’ Li AquaRefining™ recycling technology, and 6K Energy’s commercial UniMelt® CAM manufacturing process. Using these technologies, the pair hopes to run a facility that produces significantly fewer emissions and has lower capital and operational costs.

Aqua Metals will use a feedstock from domestically sourced end-of-life batteries and scrap materials from manufacturing partners. Under the terms of the MoU, it will supply…

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock