China currently takes around 80% of the global lithium-ion battery recycling capacity, with most Chinese recycling companies focusing on domestic operation. However, Chinese companies have announced their plans to expand outside China in recent months. On 30th June, Ni Jun, Chief manufacturing officer of CATL, announced plans to build several battery recycling plants in Europe and US. The plan is at its initial stage, with few details disclosed such as plant locations and project schedule. Candidates for its first European battery recycling site potentially include Germany and Hungary where CATL currently operates its gigafactories. CATL runs its battery recycling business through its subsidiary, Brunp. The recycler currently operates four battery recycling plants in China with a total capacity of over 160,000 tonnes per year with a recovery rate of over 90% for lithium and 99% for nickel, cobalt and manganese.  

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Image credit: Adobe Stock