See below for our Battery Recycling Infographic, July 2023. This features market developments in the Battery Recycling space, and draws on data from our Battery Recycling Capacity Database and our Battery Recycling Quarterly Outlook .

The Battery Recycling Capacity Database tracks battery recycling annual capacity including plant locations, recycling input and output. Click here to request a demo of our Battery Recycling Capacity Database

The Battery Recycling Quarterly Outlook provides a long-term outlook for global scrap materials available for battery recycling by region, battery chemistry and feedstock covering end-of-life energy stationary storage. Click here to request a demo of our Battery Recycling Quarterly Outlook.

Highlights from the latest Battery Recycling Capacity Database:
  • In China, Cn Science Technology announced an additional capacity of 320,000 tonnes by 2030. GEM also plans to increase its capacity with its new plant planned in Yibin, Sichuan and two black mass refining plants.
  • The effort to expand overseas continues. CATL announced plans to build several battery recycling plants in Europe and US. The plan is at its initial stage, with few details disclosed such as plant locations and project schedule. In partnership with BeePlanet Factory and other Spanish companies, SungEel HiTech and Samsung C&T plan to build a black mass production plant in Navarra, Spain by 2025.
  • BASF plans to operate lithium-ion cathode active materials and recycling facilities co-located in Schwarzheide, Germany. While the cathode material production plant started the commission phase in early July, the battery recycling plant is expected to start producing black mass in 2024.

Global battery recycling pre-treatment capacity remained stable m-o-m at 1.6 million tonnes of recycling inputs per year as of the end of June 2023, while the 2030 capacity is increased m-o-m on the back of Cn Science Technology’s expansion project in China.

Why do we track the battery recycling market?

The battery recycling market is gaining traction, as EV value chains evolve towards long-term sustainability goals amid future raw material shortages and environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. We track the battery recycling market to provide insights into how the market is growing at global, regional and country levels, on the back of EV demand, legislation and battery recycling company strategies. We also track this market to provide insights into current and future battery recycling plant capacity across regions, and provide information on battery recycling inputs and outputs.

As part of the work involved to produce our battery recycling reports, we publish a monthly infographic to offer our followers regular insights into how the battery recycling market is developing on a global scale. We include news highlights as well as insights into global battery recycling pre-treatment capacity and regional battery recycling pre-treatment capacity share.

Who benefits from understanding key developments and dynamics across the battery recycling market?

Businesses operating within the EV supply chain such as raw material producers, battery producers, OEMs and battery recycling companies will benefit from our battery recycling reports, as will those considering entering the market.

How do we track the battery recycling market?

Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies, which examine interactions between the different functions that make up the supply chain. We track battery recycling legislation, battery recycling companies’ strategies and closed-loop supply chain, battery chemistry as feedstock, as well as battery recycling technology. We also track existing and new battery recycling plants across regions, including their recycling input and output.

How could our data help you?

Our reports and supporting materials are designed to help inform and shape the ways in which you respond to shifting market dynamics. Our data and analysis on the battery recycling market allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how this market is developing on a global, regional, and country level. We also offer insights into the competitive landscape so you can understand your position, and stay up-to-date on major market players, new entrants and formation of joint ventures. In short, businesses operating in the EV supply chain will find it easier to form considered, forward-thinking strategies with their Rho Motion reports to hand.

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