BYD’s Developments in Sodium-ion Batteries and Energy Storage Systems

On 14th July 2023, BYD announced at the CNESA that the blade sodium-ion battery has been successfully developed and that BYD’s factory is now capable of producing 150Ah blade sodium-ion battery cells.

Furthermore, BYD revealed that the “Sodium-ion Magic Cube System” has been put into a 20MWh trial operation in the Qingxiu Industrial Park in Nanning, Guangxi. “Magic Cube system“, which is based on blade batteries, was launched by BYD on 24th May 2023. This development suggests that BYD is not only applying its latest blade sodium-ion battery cells in electric vehicles but also in the energy storage field.

BYD’s Sodium-ion Battery Development Plans and Industry Expectations

In terms of future research and development plans, BYD has divided its sodium-ion battery development into two parts: poly-anion system sodium-ion batteries and layered oxide system sodium-ion batteries

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Image source: BYD