On the 7th of October, CATL and Neta Auto signed an agreement of strategic cooperation. This includes a partnership for Neta to use CATL’s Shenxing 4C Superchargeable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. The announcement aligns with a long list of collaboration between CATL and Neta, starting 2018 with the release of Neta’s inaugural car.

Another User of Shenxing Batteries

CATL has signed a supply agreement for its Shenxing batteries to Neta Auto. Neta will install the Shengxing battery in its new EV models.  Initially released in August, CATL views the Shenxing as one of its next generation batteries. With LFP chemistry, it can be charged to an 80% capacity in 10 minutes and has a 700km range. CATL has indicated it has improved lithium-ion extraction speeds, improved lithium-ion adhesion efficiency and a new ultra-high conductive electrolyte formula. Along with a new electrolyte formula, the Shenxing battery is equipped with a coating separator adding an extra level of safety. When the Shenxing battery was unveiled in August, Avita Motors, a joint venture between Changan Automobile, Huawei, and CATL, confirmed it would use it.

Strong Connections to CATL

Neta Auto’s parent company, Hozon New Energy Vehicle, was established in 2014, it founded Neta in 2018. Neta’s initial sale figured remained low, however in 2022 its sales surged to 150,000. In August this year, it delivered 12,100 vehicle sales. Neta and CATL’s relationship began with a partnership after the release its first car, the N01. Similarly, in 2020 the pair signed a strategic partnership, deepening their cooperation in battery technology. Consequently, in 2021 CATL participated in a Neta financing round. Additionally, this year Neta signed an agreement with CATL’s subsidiary, Intelligent Technology, to produce CATL Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC). Moreover, CATL’s Qilin battery will be installed in Neta’s new S model.

Rho’s Evaluation

Previously …

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