CATL Earning Call on 5th May 2022: CATL will continue to focus on EV and ESS battery business and explore new profit growth points such as battery swapping service and technology licensing. CATL’s RMB45 billion (~USD6.74 billion) private placement proposal has been approved. CATL also commented on its technology roadmap and the future of EV and ESS battery industry.

Yesterday (05/05/22) CATL held a Q1 earnings call with the public. Zeng Yuqun (Founder and Director), Jiang Li (Secretary of the Board), Zheng Shu (CFO), Cai Xiuling (Independent Director), and Zhang Shuai (Sponsor Representatives) attended the conference. The meeting focused on CATL’s 2021 and Q1 2022 performance, the recent stock price fall, and the future of the company.


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Image credit: Adobe Stock