On the 7th of September, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardisation Administration approved a new EV charging standard. It released three key aspects of the ChaoJi-1, the next iteration of the GB/T standard presently used in China. The ChaoJi-1 has plans to be compatible with all other DC fast charging stations. It has a scheduled implementation date of January 2024.

The Next Generation Charger, Future-Proofed

Three documents were released covering general requirements, communication protocol, and connections for conductive charging for the ChaoJi-1. This included an upgradable communication protocol framework designed to accommodate future requirements as they continue to evolve. Additionally, a new DC control pilot circuit and a safe charging system , ensuring charging safety and reliability. Finally, the ChaoJi-1 plans to be compatible with all DC charging stations, preparing for fast charging unification.

The ChaoJi-1 will support charging powers of up to 1.2MW, achieved through a 1,500 voltage and 800 amp current. This design will make it compatible with future changes in the charging industry. Currently, China’s leading electric vehicle models have maximum voltages of around 800V. Having a 1,500V limit allows the standard to remain up to date in the future.

A Charging Standard in the Making

The ChaoJi initiative…

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock