On 16th August, Doosan Enerbility signed an agreement with Daegu Mayor to build a battery recycling facility in Daegu City, South Korea. Under the agreement, Doosan Enerbility will build a post-treatment hub together with an R&D centre in Daegu. It will start the construction of the facility build in April 2024 and aims to commence in September 2025. It is expected to have an annual capacity of 3,000 tonnes of black mass per year.  

A new entrant in the recycling sector 

Doosan Enerbility is one of the major power plant builders in South Korea. On 28th July 2023, Doosan announced its entry into the recycling market through the establishment of its subsidiary Doosan Recycling Solutions. As a new entrant, Doosan Enerbility started to develop its recycling technology in 2021. According to Doosan, the recycling process will be through eco-friendly methods without chemicals when recovering the lithium. Meanwhile, it is looking for cooperation with raw materials suppliers for future expansion in the recycling business.  

More new entrants emerging in South Korea 

More new entrants are emerging in South Korea, although the capacity indicated is not necessarily at a large scale. For example, Segiritech plans to build an LFP recycling facility in South Korea by 2024. The lead-acid battery recycler started to enter LFP recycling after its acquisition from KPS in February 2023. Another company, Sonidretech, a subsidiary of Sonid, announced that it acquired a battery recycling pre- and post-treatment processing plant site in Goryeong, Korea. The company will use RecycLiCo Battery Materials’ recycling technology at its post-treatment facility. 

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