Epsilon, an Indian battery materials manufacturer, is set to acquire Johnson Matthey’s lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode technology centre in Germany. The Cathode Active Material (CAM) research centre, in Moosburg, allows Epsilon to enter the cathode raw materials industry. This comes after Epsilon announced plans to increase production in India and expand into North America.

A Move to LFP

The Moosburg facility will provide technical expertise and a skilled workforce in the field of LFP chemistry. It has extensive capabilities in process and product development. This includes a customer qualification plant specifically designed to test new materials for large-scale production. The use of the existing infrastructure will help Epsilon accelerate technology development and scale-up time.

The acquisition comes in line with Epsilon’s eventual plans to cater for 100 GWh of battery demand. Previously focusing on anode material production, the addition of a CAM research facility will allow Epsilon to increase its market reach.

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Johnson Matthey sold a part of its battery materials business in May 2022 to the EV Metals Group as well as Nano One. Epsilon has now seemingly taken over the purchase of the Germany site. This sale is another…

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock