On 8th June 2022 the EU Parliament voted in favour of the draft law for a 100% cut in tailpipe CO2 emissions by 2035 for new passenger vehicles and vans. The proposal first brought forward in July 2021, sets out the requirement for OEMs to reduce their average fleet emissions by 15% in 2025 (current regulation), compared to 2021 levels, 55% by 2030 (previously 37.5%) and 100% by 2035.

Proposals for a stricter 2030 and intermediate target for the late 2020s were rejected by MEPs, however, attempts to weaken the law to 90% reduction by 2035 and a proposed loophole to allow e-fuels were rejected.

Initially met with much objection, there has been a shift in recent months, with EU lawmakers backing the proposal, and a group of 27 large companies including Ford and Volvo signing a petition in favour of the ban in May. Additionally, the German Government previously against the proposal announced in March they would support the proposal following the election of the new Government.


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