SK On, EcoProBM, and Ford have unveiled a joint investment totalling CAD1.2 billion (USD890 million) for the establishment of a cathode manufacturing facility in Becancour, Quebec, Canada. This facility will play a crucial role in supplying materials for Ford’s forthcoming electric vehicles. Commencing production in the first half of 2026, the site’s annual capacity will reach up to 45,000 tonnes of CAM.

This innovative facility, marking Ford’s initial investment in Québec, aligns with the automaker’s strategy to localise the processing of essential battery raw materials in regions where it manufactures electric vehicles.

EcoPro CAM Canada LP will specialise in the production of cathode active materials, specifically advanced Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) components for rechargeable batteries. These components are designed to elevate performance and extend the range of electric vehicles, benefiting from EcoPro’s core shell gradient (CSG) technology.

Current Status

The construction phase is underway for the 280,000 square-meter site, featuring a six-floor structure. This facility will generate approximately 345 new jobs. EcoPro CAM Canada LP is also committed to research and development endeavours aimed at enhancing battery safety, performance, and manufacturing efficiency, while minimising environmental impact. EcoProBM, the force behind EcoPro CAM Canada LP, has laid the groundwork for cathode material production in Pohang, Korea, covering the entire spectrum from recycling battery waste to manufacturing lithium, precursors, and cathode materials.

SK On, a prominent player in the battery industry, considers this investment an essential stride toward securing a reliable battery materials supply chain in North America. With growing EV demand, SK On has dedicated efforts to fortify its battery supply network in the region.

Rho’s View

The move by Ford and its partners echoes a broader trend within the automotive industry, as major players such as General Motors and Stellantis seek to expand their electric vehicle production capacity…

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Image credit: Adobe Stock