On 5th September, Fortum Battery Recycling announced that it is receiving a grant of EUR4.5 million (USD4.8 million) from Business Finland for its battery recycling capacity expansion in Ikaalinen, Finland. According to Fortum, it will invest in a new type of mechanical shredder and related water and gas management equipment. With the new metal shredder, capacity at the Ikaalinen facility is expected to increase from 3,000 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes of EV batteries per year. 

Fortum has built a closed loop for battery recycling in Europe

Finland-based recycling company, Fortum Battery Recycling is part of the Fortum portfolio. It currently has three facilities under operation in Europe. Besides the Ikaalinen facility, Fortum also has a pre-treatment facility in Kirchardt/Baden-Württemberg, Germany with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per year. Black mass that is produced from these two facilities will be sent to its facility in Harjavalta, Finland.

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Image credit: Fortnum