Foxconn and Blue Solutions have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) along with Foxconn’s subsidiary SolidEdge Solution, to develop and produce batteries for two-wheeler vehicles. The partnership will co-develop the batteries using Blue Solution’s solid-state battery technology. Initially they will target the Indonesian market and will also collaborate on creating a surrounding solid-state ecosystem.

A Collaboration of Expertise

The partners will collaborate to develop and produce batteries for two-wheeler vehicles, pooling their expertise and resources. Specifically, the collaboration will utilise Blue Solution’s Gen4 technology and SolidEdge Solution’s battery materials. Initially targeting the Indonesian two-wheeler market. However, under the terms of the MoU, different versions of these battery systems could be modified for electric vehicles.

Foxconn is an electronic manufacturing company based in Taiwan. The iPhone assembler established SolidEdge Solution as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2021. SolidEdge Solution engages…

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock