On 4th September 2023, Ganfeng Lithium launched its new CTP (Cell-to-Pack) semi-solid-state battery, named “Xinfeng”. This battery pack uses semi-solid-state-cells with flexible semi-solid electrolyte. It boasts a life cycle of over 3,000 cycles. This update primarily focuses on the battery pack design, not on the battery chemistry. The CTP design enhances volumetric efficiency by 8%. It also increases energy density by 10% and reduces the amount of by 50%. These improvements contribute to lighter battery packs, leading to lighter electric vehicles. Additionally, the battery incorporates unique nano-insulation materials and high-conductive thermal interfaces which means the battery experiences no energy loss even after going through cycles equivalent to 100,000 kilometres.

Prior to this, Ganfeng Lithium produced two generations of semi-solid-state battery cells. The first generation had an energy density ranging from 235-280Wh/kg, while the second exceeded 350Wh/kg.

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Image credit: Ganfeng Lithium