Chinese battery manufacturer Hina Battery has begun testing sodium-ion batteries in EVs for the first time. The test vehicle, named the Sehol E10X model, has a battery pack energy capacity of 25kWh, and an energy density of 120Wh/kg producing roughly 252km in range. The vehicle also supports fast charging including 3C and 4C. The company also revealed three sodium-ion battery cells as well as announcing a partnership with car manufacturer Anhui Jianhuai Automobile Group Corp (JAC) who has produced the vehicle in which the sodium-ion battery is being tested. The Sehol E10X is reported to have a price range of RMB46,900 – RMB76,400 (USD6,760 – USD11,000) across seven models.

Until this announcement, sodium-ion batteries have been used only in two and three-wheeler vehicles and energy storage applications. The technology is being developed as a low-cost alternative to lithium-ion chemistries, but has been considered…



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Image credit: Adobe Stock