On 24th August, South Korea-based IS Dongseo made an announcement on the acquisition of BTS Technology, a European battery recycler. Through the acquisition, IS Dongseo is officially entering the European battery recycling market. BTS Technology is currently building its pre-treatment facility with a capacity of 12,000 tonnes of end-of-life batteries, potentially up to 24,000 tonnes.  

IS Dongseo is accelerating its battery recycling business 

IS Dongseo has built its domestic battery recycling value chain from end-of-life battery pre-processing to post-treatment processes through acquisitions in recent years. IS Dongseo first acquired a Korean waste battery dismantling company, Insun Motors in 2019, and a stake in Canadian-based recycling company Lithion in 2022 allowing IS Dongseo to use Lithion’s hydrometallurgical technology. This year, IS Dongseo continued expanding with…

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Image credit: IS Dongseo