UK based energy storage company Statera has received confirmation to establish a 1.79GWh/0.29GW battery energy storage (BESS) project in the county of Devon, UK. Slated to gain grid connection in 2027, it will have a six-hour duration. Most likely lithium-ion, it is the longest duration large-scale BESS announced in the UK to date.

Statera slowly increasing its capacity

The project will be connected directly to a near-by substation, allowing it to potentially supply up to 650,000 homes. In addition to this it will be located near a solar farm, essential for storing the excess energy produced. This project will become Statera’s sixth development in the country adding to their current capacity of over one gigawatt.  

Rho’s evaluation, an overview of the BESS industry in the UK

Pete Tillotson, BESS analyst at Rho Motion commented, “This long duration project reflects the maturity of the UK BESS market. The majority of UK BESS projects remain around two hours duration as a market-standard, however we are seeing signs of a maturing market as duration increases. Examples exist globally of lithium-ion storage being used at durations of 8-hours and above, so it is interesting to see projects in the UK approach this length of duration for projects of such scale as the Exeter BESS.”

The current capacity of UK BESS sits at just over 4.2GWh, however by the end of 2025 we expect this to increase to over 10GWh.

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Sources: Statera