Norwegian battery manufacturer Morrow Batteries has announced it plans to produce a novel prismatic LNMO battery in early 2024. The next-generation “LNMO-X” battery product is designed for use cases involving supercharging heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and maritime vessels, as well as in battery energy stationary storage contexts.

What happened

Morrow has been developing NCM, LFP and LMNO products in parallel, with multiple milestones having been recently reached. In March 2023, Morrow announced it had successfully developed its first LFP battery cell, with production commencing at the company’s newly opened Customer Qualification Line (CQL) in Chungju-si, South Korea. The facility can currently produce 2,000 prismatic LFP cells per month, with mass production being targeted for 2024. In June, it opened its Morrow Research Centre in Grimstad, Norway, where development of high energy density NCM automotive cells and the most recently announced LMNO-X batteries is ongoing. Moreover, Morrow is establishing a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell manufacturing plant in Arendal, Norway. The initial phase of the facility will enable an annual production capacity of 1GWh. In the subsequent phase, by 2028, Morrow aims to elevate the production capacity to 43GWh.

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Image credit: Morrow Batteries