On 17th August 2023, NIO officially launched its first 3rd generation battery swapping station and 500kW ultra-fast charging station in Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, at the NIO Power Day in July this year, NIO had mentioned that this 3rd generation battery swapping station was undergoing trial operations.

Compared to the 2nd generation stations, NIO’s 3rd generation station introduces an innovative three-slot collaborative battery swapping technology, reducing swap times by 20%. Furthermore, the capacity of the battery compartment of the 3rd generation station has increased from the original 13 batteries to 21, allowing the daily service count to rise from 312 to 408.

As for the 500kW ultra-fast charger, its performance stands out in the industry with a maximum current of 660A and a maximum voltage of 1000V. To cater to the payment methods preferred by Europeans, this charger also supports QR code scanning and NFC card payments.

This battery swapping station is NIO’s 6th in Sweden. As of 17th August, NIO has established 25 battery swapping stations across Europe, along with 10 charger stations and 33 individual chargers. It has also integrated with over 500,000 3rd party chargers, offering users a comprehensive energy service experience that includes charging, swapping, and upgrades.

Recently, NIO has been rapidly expanding its charging and battery swapping network in China and plans to enhance the user charging experience. NIO has set up more than 1,600 battery swapping stations in China. The company will continue to accelerate the rollout of charging and swapping infrastructure in Europe moving forward.

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Image credit: Adobe Stock