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Energy Transition Finance Tracker – October 2022

Below is Rho Motion's Energy Transition Finance Tracker, for October 2022. We track energy transition related companies going public through IPO or a merger with a SPAC, in order to provide a monthly update on market status.   A comprehensive version of our...

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The US continues to invest in domestic battery supply chain

The Biden administration has announced it will award USD2.8 billion in funding to bolster domestic production of EV batteries and strengthen critical mineral supply chains. The grants will be allocated through the Department of Energy to 20 recipient companies across...

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ESS – Global Grid Deployment Infographic, September 2022

See below for our Battery Energy Stationary Storage Global Grid Deployments Infographic, September 2022. This draws on data from our BESS Monthly Assessment and our BESS Quarterly Outlook, The BESS Monthly Assessment provides a monthly update of global BESS...

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EV Motor Deployment Infographic – October 2022

Our EV Motor Deployment Infographic, draws on data from our EV Motors Monthly Assessment and our EV Motors and Systems Quarterly Assessment. The EV Motors Monthly Assessment provides monthly weighted averages of motor technology demand across vehicle classes,...

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EV Charging Speed Infographic – September 2022

See below for our EV Charging Speed Infographic, September 2022. As you will see, this features developments from across the EV & Charging market, and draws on data from our EV Charging Monthly Assessment and our Global EV Charging Outlook. The EV Charging...

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