This week Japanese automotive OEM, Subaru, announced its new electrification plan. This update increases Subaru’s electrification target from a 40% BEV+HEV market share in 2030 to 50% pure BEV with the remaining share being a mix of HEV and ICE vehicles. The company is targeting over 1.2million total global sales by 2030, meaning around 600,000 of these are expected to be BEVs.

This increased target BEV shares means a ramp-up in production is needed. Subaru now plans to begin in-house production of BEVs by 2025 in Japan and around 2027 in the US. The US is currently Subaru’s largest market, consisting of around 70% of the company’s annual sales. Japanese production capacity will be 200,000 units per year in 2025, with additional EV-dedicated lines to be added around 2027, doubling this capacity. Subaru is planning the constructing of a dedicated BEV production plant in Gunma, Japan.

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Image credit: Subaru