Portables Battery Outlook

Our forecast provides a long-term overview and outlook for the portables market by subsector, region and battery chemistry, based on robust and informed methodologies.

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What does the Portables Battery Outlook cover?

Our forecast provides long-term outlooks for the following areas:

  • Sales forecast by subsector and region to 2040
  • Battery demand subsector to 2040
  • Battery chemistry splits and pack types, by subsector

Why subscribe to the Portables Battery Outlook?

  • This report provides an overview of the portables market, analysing a multitude of subsectors and regions. Despite a projected decrease in market share, the portables market still holds significance in the global battery market, particularly as consumer electronics OEMs continue to compete for supply chain security.
  • As a more established industry, growth in the portables market differs from the legislation-driven EV market and will have to adapt accordingly. The report analyses sales figures across multiple subsectors and forecasts trends out to 2040.
  • Portables subsectors such as mobile phones also provide a good illustration of how new technologies develop with time and how penetration growth can evolve. Although in its relative infancy, we expect to see some of these factors develop in the EV market in time.

How is the report delivered?

The assessment comes as an annual PDF report with metrics for the following:

  • PDF slide deck
  • Supporting data in excel workbook
  • Analyst access

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP7,000.

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Assessment methodology

Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the interactions between different functions in the supply chain. We track the following variables that impact the forecast:

  • Macroeconomic data
  • Penetration rates
  • Mobile cellular subscriptions
  • Battery supply agreements and strategy
  • OEM strategy

For each subsector, we track product models and collect data relating to battery pack size, battery chemistry, cell format and pack supplier.

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