Ebbs & Flows: The Evolution of the EV Charging Market 25 Jun 2024

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25 Jun 2024

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Register now for our latest webinar on the energy transition in the EV charging industry. Join our Charging Analyst team as they explore the evolving EV charging market. We’ll examine regional adaptations to the economic landscape, disparities in European infrastructure, China’s expansion efforts, and the allocation of NEVI funding in the US. Additionally, we’ll assess Tesla’s Supercharging slowdown and the long-term impact of EV charging on the grid.

TOPICS COVERED: EV & Battery, Infrastructure, Charging, Policy

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Webinar: EV Charging Market Update (Jun24)


Ebbs & Flows: The Evolution of the EV Charging Market - Rho Motion’s analyst team answers your questions on the current challenges in the market.
25th June at 2pm (UK time)

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

How are the different markets fairing in the current economic landscape?


European charging - a story of disparity.


How China is approaching its charging infrastructure expansion.


In the US, how is NEVI funding being allocated and how is demand evolving?


Tesla Supercharging slowdown: a mistake or an inevitability?


In the long term, how can we expect EV charging to impact the grid and electricity demand?


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Shan Tomouk

Charging and Energy Research Lead

Rho Motion

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Jeanne Buée

Senior Research Analyst

Rho Motion

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Xinyi Lin

Research Analyst

Rho Motion

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