Last week, ADS-TEC Energy, a German-based battery charger manufacturer, announced a contract with NXT 50Five. It will supply fast chargers for 200 charging stations in the Netherlands. NXT 50Five won a tender held by the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam-Electric (MRA-E) to install the units in more than 55 municipalities in Noord-Holland, Utrecht, and Flevoland. The charging solutions offered by ADS-TEC are all battery-buffered, which is particularly well suited for this region in the Netherlands, where the electricity grid faces congestion issues.

ADS-TEC Energy is expanding rapidly in Europe

The contract announcement came just a week after ADS-TEC revealed it was entering the Norwegian market. The new market addition comes from a partnership with Caverion, a Finnish smart technology solution company, which will commission and operate ADS-TEC charging stations in Norway. The company has been expanding rapidly in Europe. In November 2023, it announced more than…

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