Altilium is positioning itself to become a dominant force in the UK and EU battery recycling industry. On the 14th of February, the company announced a commercial collaboration with SYNETIQ, one of the UK’s largest vehicle salvage and recycling companies. The pair plan to recycle the increasing number of EVs that are written off in the UK. On the 16th of February, it also announced a partnership with two-wheeler EV company, Vmoto Soco, to jointly develop a commercially viable model for the recycling and collection of batteries from e-scooters and motorbikes within Europe.

The SYNETIQ agreement comes in time to supply Altilium’s upcoming plant

SYNETIQ has been building a stockpile of EV batteries that it has collected from damaged vehicles. It works closely with LV= Insurance, to recover the batteries from ‘total loss’ EVs. The partnership with SYNETIQ gives Altilium a guaranteed feedstock supply, a vital asset within the recycling industry, for its upcoming pilot plant. The SYNETIQ batteries will supply…

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Image credit: Adobe Stock