European Metal Recycling (EMR), a UK based end of life (EoL) battery recycler, has acquired a ‘significant stake’ in Australian battery recycler, Renewable Metals. As part of this deal the pair will establish a demonstration scale plant, built at EMR’s R&D facility in Birmingham, which will include battery shredding as well as battery mineral refining. Although the deal size has not been disclosed, it has been reported as in the multimillion-dollar scale. 

A fully circular facility

EMR will supply the facility with EoL batteries including sources from the automotive, e-mobility sectors as well as domestic, industrial, and portable batteries. The demonstration facility will involve shredding discharged battery modules and refining, producing lithium and manganese salts, nickel, cobalt and copper. Renewable Metals expects the facility to come online by mid-2025 dependent on permitting approval. However, the capacity of the plant has yet to be disclosed.  

Renewable Metals’ recycling technology

Renewable Metals’ technology is based on…

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