Scottish recycling firm, Fenix Battery Recycling (FBR), has announced a merger with Regenerate Technology Global (RTG), an American recycling technology company. In 2024, the pair will open a new battery recycling facility in Glasgow, UK which will include both pre and post treatment capabilities. This announcement adds to the small but growing UK based battery recycling capacity.

A New Facility

Little was revealed about the specs of the facility, other than it would include both pre and post treatment facilities, with feedstock being both alkaline and lithium-ion batteries. Fenix already operates a recycling and shredding facility in Kilwinning, Scotland. The merger presents an opportunity for Fenix to leverage itself on RTG’s technology and global recycling network. RTG’s technology will allow FBR to cater to all NCM batteries.

The facility set to commence operations later in 2024 will initially focus on refining metal salts such as cobalt sulphate, nickel sulphate, manganese sulphate, and lithium carbonate. However, it indicated the pair have plans to move towards producing active materials once the recycling market has expanded and matured.

CEO and co-founder of FBR, Damian Lambkin commented, “Our merger with RTG is a pivotal moment in FBR’s history. The upcoming Glasgow facility is not just an expansion; it’s a leap towards a future where recycling and technology converge to create a more sustainable world. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with RTG.”

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Recycling capacity in the UK remains small with…


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Image credit: Adobe Stock