In 2023 BMW announced it was releasing a new vehicle platform named Neue Klasse. It has also revealed plans to release six models based on the Neue Klasse platform, the first being the iX3 SUV towards the end of 2025. BMW has now released more specifications on the upcoming Neue Klasse.

Technical Changes

Contrary to earlier rumours, the Neue Klasse platform will be dedicated solely to electric vehicles, with the platform voltage increasing from 400V to 800V. Additionally, BMW will move away from its currently used prismatic cells towards a cylindrical cell-to-pack system, where the battery pack will form part of the vehicle’s structural framework. Furthermore, the Neue Klasse will be a modular platform.

These developments offer certain advantages, a higher platform voltage means the vehicle will be compatible with high-speed (high power) chargers, thereby making it future proof. A cell-to-pack (CTP) system reduces the overall battery and vehicle weight, as fewer components are used for assembly. A CTP system also takes up less space, allowing for more pragmatic and efficient space utilisation. In addition, the reduced vehicle weight could lead to reduced energy consumption since the vehicle now has a lighter load. Finally, a modular design makes the platform easy to use across multiple vehicle segments as it can be scaled up or down depending on need.

Sixth Generation eDrive

The introduction of the Neue Klasse will…


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