CATL has signed four cooperation agreements with developers, Quinbrook, SPIC, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and Tianchen Energy Technology for CATL’s BESS (Battery Energy Stationary Storage) products to be deployed across China and globally.


On the 7th of November, CATL and Quinbrook signed a Global Framework Agreement for stationary storage. The pair aim to deploy over 10GWh of CATL’s BESS over the coming five years. The partnership aims to enhance the BESS technology available to Quinbrook in projects across the US, the UK and Australia. CATL will begin by supplying its EnerC Plus storage containers to Quinbrook, this adaptive storage provides BESS protection under harsh conditions. Additionally, the EnerC Plus integrates CATL’s newest liquid-cooling system. Both companies are collaborating over initial 1GWh+ projects in Australia and the UK to showcase CATL’s technology. This follows on from Quinbrook recently deploying CATL’s BESS at its Project Gemini in Nevada, US. CATL supplied 1.4GWh of LFP batteries to the solar-plus-storage project.


On the 7th of November, CATL and the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to establish the SPIC CATL Energy Storage Company. As part of the JV, the two parties also signed a cooperation agreement with Ningde City. The JV aims to foster the development of BESS in the Ningde region, as well as encouraging BESS industry to settle in the district.

CRRC Zhuzhou Institute

On the 8th of November, CATL signed a framework cooperation agreement with the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. Over a five-year period, they intend to collaborate within the energy storage sector, encompassing joint innovation, industry standards, and market cooperation. The CRRC Zhuzhou Institute has a strong market presence in the equipment manufacturing industry for rail transit and new energy industries.

Tianchen Energy Technology

On the 10th of September, CATL signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tianchen Energy Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianchen. The pair will focus on the expansion of the energy storage market, project development, research and development of smart energy systems, and product production. Within the initial 12 months Tianchen Energy Technology will acquire a minimum of 1GWh of CATL products. In the subsequent 36 months, Tianchen Energy Technology will aim to procure no less than 5GWh of CATL products.

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