Finnish charging manufacturer, Kempower, is developing a “Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem” initiative and has now received substantial backing from Business Finland. The public economic development agency has awarded Kempower a EUR10 million grant for its program and announced additional funding for other participants. Kempower is looking for 60 players to join its program to boost the research and development of high-power charging (HPC) infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles.

Finnish government providing a funding boost to DC charging

In total, the Finnish government has allocated EUR30 million in funding for Kempower’s program, this includes EUR10 million for Kempower and a further 20 million for its partners, to be allocated over five years. The “Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem” supports the multifaceted development of HPC solutions for electric trucks, including digital solutions such as software, customer applications and hardware. The program was launched to overcome “the lack of scalable DC charging infrastructure for heavy traffic, especially long-haul trucks”, according to the Kempower CEO, Tomi Ristimäki. The company has already partnered with ten domestic innovation projects as well as other programs funded by EU research funding.  

Kempower: leading electric heavy-duty charging infrastructure development

On top of the various initiatives it leads, last year, the company unveiled…

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