The French government has signed an agreement with the automotive industry to target 800,000 EV sales annually by 2027. This comes as part of a new sectoral 2024-2027 agreement published at the start of May. It aims to nearly triple passenger car (PC) EV sales in four years and massively increase BEV light duty vehicle (LDV) sales. The new agreement aims to push investments in EVs to pave the way for Europe’s move towards 100% electric new car sales in 2035.

Building on previous agreements

In the previous sectoral agreement, 2018-2022, the government targeted 600,000 EVs and 400,000 PHEVs on the road by 2022. By the end of 2022, France had surpassed both targets with 690,000 EVs and 412,800 PHEVs on the road.

The 2024-2027 deal now sets the new ambitious target of 800,000 EV PC sales annually by 2027, a 45% market penetration rate. In addition to PCs, the government is also aiming to reach 100,000 EV LDV sales by 2027, a seven-fold increase compared to 16,500 LDV EV sales in 2022.

Support for the scheme

In 2023, PC EV sales reached 315,000 units and new car registrations have held up well in the first quarter of 2024. To help achieve its 2027 ambitions the government announced it will maintain its commitment to subsidies for the purchase of EVs and long-term leasing of EVs through its bonus écologique and leasing scheme.

Bruno Le Maire stated the subsidy allocation for each vehicle will…

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