On the 30th of October, Greater Bay Technology  put into operation its battery manufacturing plant in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. The plant will mass produce the company’s Ultra-fast and eXtreme-Fast-Charging batteries, making it the world’s first large scale ultra-fast charging battery manufacturing plant. This first phase of construction began in 2022, at a cost of RMB2.5 billion (USD340 million).

Mass Producing of Ultra-fast Charging and XFC Batteries

This initial phase of the plant has a capacity of 4GWh. However, the company has planned a second phase that would bring total capacity up to 8GWh, and a total investment of RMB4 billion (USD550 million). On site, the factory is accompanied by an R&D centre, and a customer qualification plant designed to test new materials for large-scale production.

The Ultra-fast charging and the eXtreme-Fast-Charging batteries have a 4C and 6C rating respectively. The C rating of a battery refers to a battery’s charge and discharge rate. 4C is defined as 0-80% charge in 10-15 minutes, whilst 6C is 0-80% charging that takes less than 10 minutes.

A GAC Business

Established in 2020, Greater Bay Technology is backed by the GAC Group which hold a 35% share in the company. In 2021, its eXtreme-Fast-Charging battery, 6C rate version, was included in GAC’s Aion V Plus, with a charging time of circa 7.5 minutes 0-80%. In addition to GAC’s customer base, Greater Bay Technology also supplies Skyworth, Thalys, Dongfeng Heavy Truck, and West China Telecom. Its eXtreme-Fast-Charging 6C battery similarly is in the  , and Skyworth EV6. Furthermore, it has recently developed the Phoenix Battery, an 8C battery capable of 0%-80% charging in six minutes.

Greater Bay Technology has a planned total production capacity of 120GWh by 2025. This will be achieved with five bases in China and a total investment of RMB30 billion (USD4.1 billion).

Rho’s Evaluation

This recent announcement marks another significant step in the ongoing evolution EV industry. By 2030, we expect…


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Image credit: Adobe Stock

Sources: QCTT